Thursday, June 11, 2009

Watermelon Picnic

I have been dying for Gymboree to release another fruit line ever since 2006's Tutti Fruityline. Well, they finally did and it's amazing!! "Thank you, Gymbo!!!" If you don't own any of this line, I suggest grabbing it while you can! It will not disappoint! These are the 8 outfits I grabbed from the Stuff a Bag sale last week and I am not done yet. So much for buying less, huh? Well, I was off to a good start this year. That counts for something. :)

This is "THE" watermelon dress to have!
It's stunning the way they designed it!

Mermaid Magic

Once again, another gorgeous line by Gymboree! They still paid excellent attention to detail in this line. I love the colors, the embroidery and all of the ric rac trims! At the moment, we have 7 complete outfits, but I think I am going to go back and buy a few more outfits from this line. It's so summery and my daughter just loves mermaids!

Flag Girl

After a little bit of debating, this is what I finally purchased for the 4th of July. I originally bought the red, white and blue tutu to go with this, but it was so stiff! I couldn't bring myself to buying something I think my little one would find really uncomfy to wear. I think this is just as cute, so no big loss there. The hairbows I made up for her to match.

Don't ya just love these cowgirl boots?!?!
Excellent job, Gymboree!

Jungle Gem

Gymboree's attention to detail is amazing in this much awaited line! I love the embroidery! It seems like the lines finally seem to be getting better and better with each one that is released since the recalls earlier this year. To me, this line shows high quality and workmanship that I fell in love with years ago. "Thank you, Gymbo!" I did really good (I think) with not buying much from this line and that was super hard this time! So hard that I have been fighting myself from going back and buying even more.

So, just 8 outfits here. That's pretty good if you ask me! I could have easily bought this entire Jungle Gem line!

Spring Sparkle & Desert Flower

I did so well with these two capsule lines! Only one outfit each! Notice I did not even buy a bottom to go with the Desert Flower giraffe tee. That is because I am going to make my daughter a custom skirt. I didn't really care for the long skirt Gymboree put out with this line. It fit a little weird.

Pretty Lady

OK, so again Gymboree puts out another line that I absolutely fall in love with and can't resist...13 outfits later. Jeez'! I couldn't even decide which sunglasses or flip flips I liked best so bought them all. And the purses, well they are always my weakness! Simply HAD to have them both! I love the bathing suit and jewelry for this line, too!

My favorite outfit here?....The top left one! The white lady bug tank with the knee length skirt. LOVE, LOVE LOVE!!!

Flower Garden

I was really proud of myself with this line. I only bought 6 outfits, though I could have easily grabbed more. I did also buy the hot pink ruffled purse, but returned that because of horrible craftsmanship. I also had the patchwork skort, but returned that because the shorts under it were sewn in backwards! Then there was the watercolor dress that I returned because hubby simply hated it.!

My favorite outfit here would definately have to be the tutu and white flower shirt! And that snail purse is to die for!!!